Love Is A Mystery
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music: Eminus; text: ModernTony
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The Heartbeat
Love Is A Mystery When I met you, my baby, in this night cafe You were so pretty but with tears in your face You ate the caviar and drank champagne alone Maybe you waited for a call of telephone There’s nothing left for me to say Oh, baby, don’t be afraid Come to me, come to me Baby, love is a mystery Can’t you see, can’t you see All my feelings are so real Come to me, come to me Baby, you’re my destiny Can’t you see, can’t you see I want you to stay with me I came to you, my baby, for the solving fears I know that I can try to realize your dreams Don’t tell me lie and only try to understand Oh, baby, please believe that I am here for help Oh, girl, I think I fell in love From now I’ll be there where you are