The Old man
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The Old Man 1. The Old Man is sitting lonely in the dark of his room And with his almost blind eyes he’s looking at the moon, He does not remember the sunny days when he was young And when he was so happy and when he had a lot of fun. These days are gone. 2. You will feel his pain just when you look at his eyes, You will see his pain just in his tears when he cries, But no one sees that – they don’t know that he lives, They knew who he was but they don’t know who he is. The Old Man, we left him alone. The Old Man, he lives on his own. The Old Man, he cries every night. The Old Man, he waits for the light. 3. The wife and sons and daughters Left the Old Man, Now by himself he tries to do what he can And it is hard but he keeps on waiting for the light, He keeps on waiting but the light is still not bright – It won’t come tonight. Refren