Oblivion Pray
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Archon Rift
Это первая "сырая" версия нашей новой песни. Была придумана и записана за менее чем 12 часов... Наши гитаристы еще ко всему были не в себе, т.е. были грубо говоря пьяны...
Oblivion Pray A fire beast rape my soul, A fire storm makes freezing cold. Oblivion pray to rotting god, Oblivion pray from morbid doom. Death and decay - forgotten realm, Bones of the past - my mind roots. Wash it's with blood, wash it's with blood, Oblivion pray to rotting god. I gathered tears - a loneless lust, I push my dreams into the dust. I'm shalling splin - rain in the night, Oblivion pray to rotting god. Unfaced faces make countanance. String from my veins - such chip romance. And roses grow, bad may be right. Oblivion pray to rotting god. We know this truth since borned. And we don't need another truth. Our inner planes keep so much sacred. We're looking for someone...But... But echo of our voices returning back. With sorrow. With sorrow of lost hope and faith. In this moment borning new truth. Thruth of the Man. A PERSONAL THRUTH... Uncomprehanging - so many "UN" Thise paradise so quickly gone. I look at night - eternal site. Oblivion pray, oblivion god.