The Story Of Sisters
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KATY The Story Of Sisters. I remember days, When you end me lost our ways, We didn’t know so many, didn’t hear that mother says. We didn’t know that life is not so easy as we thought, But now you are so far from me, I miss you, you should know. Where are you, my sister? I’m waiting for your call, I don’t believe that in this world we wont meet anymore. I shouldn’t do the same mistakes, I shouldn’t let you go. Childhood is not forever, you’ve grown up and closed the door. Now we are already eighteen, Don’t know anything about each other life. Please, try to understand me; Please, be always by my side. Don’t ask me any question, Don’t be my enemy. It’s hard to say: “Without you I am free”. You are my twin, What I have never seen. Why aren’t ya real? It’s just my dream. So many years, since I was there We are helpless, we don’t share Our troubles, our joy, We forgot all our toys. How can I find you in this world? Please, don’t be late, ‘cause life’s too short. It’s not the hardest exercise To try to find each other twice…