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Verse 1. Fall asleep into this painful dream Your fear will be the key to new reality In the captivity of your insanity There’s no deliverance from the atrocity. Injecting pain into your suffocating mind Angels of suffering awaiting you behind. The wall of nothingless remaining still within The poison’s in their hands, and you should take it in Your rotting heart… Verse 2. Come inside this emptiness astray Lose your mind in febris of decay. Drowning in this nightful of distress Devastated, discouraged and oppressed In the mist of solitary night Darkness comes into your empty eyes – Fragments of your deconstructed soul… To the painful slumber you must fall Into the dusk…. Chorus. Try to hide yourself from this delusion And crave the senseless skies for death All your hope is lost, all your life has gone. This painful dream is your soul’s decay. Verse 3. Crush your mind with sorrow and despair Behold the stars in the night so fair Slowly cut your veins one by one This empty shell of you must be undone Jaded by this self-destructive lust…. Wretched pain turning your soul to dust… Mold your soul within the lifeless day…. Endless is your soul’s decay.. Your soul’s decay….