Crazy Moto Ride
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Music, text. vocals - Disco Fire, Arranged by Disco Fire
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Поводом для создания этой песни послужила ночная езда на скутере с моим лучшим другом! Песня написана за 2 ночи :)
Get The Power
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When the summer comes You have another life! You take your Super Bike And start your crazy drive! With bike you are the God! There are no rules for you! And the police will not Disturb your ride! It’s true! The fire’s in your heart! The hand is on the gas! You’re flying from the start! You’re better than the rest! Refrain: Crazy moto ride! You feel the power! In this summer night You have road test. Crazy moto ride! You have no sorrows! And in this street race You’ll be the best! (high voices) Crazy moto ride! The speed goes higher! Time is on your side! You always win! You are king of road! The bike is flying! And you’re getting more Adrenaline! You won the race again! And everybody knows You are a real man! You power only grows! The stars are shining bright The fire in your eyes! All girls are yours tonight! It’s like the paradise! You’re flying faster! You’re like the wind tonight! And you’re the master! Success is by your side!