S.I.B. (80s style version
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Music, text, vocals - Disco Fire. Arranged by Disco Fire
Песня для поклонников группы Systems In Blue!
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Я являюсь фанатом Великой группы Systems In Blue. Вот решил псвятить им песню.
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In 2004 all this began The music of 80s returned again For talented men made my dream come true This miracle is called SYSTEMS IN BLUE! This energy music Gave to my life a brand new start! I’ll keep it forever and ever in my heart! Refrain S.I.B – magic word! You are kings of disco music! You are best I’ve ever heard! And I never want to loose you! S.I.B in my heart Make my positive emotions And you are real stars! I will give you my devotion! (high voices) Magic text, magic sound Magic melody! Touch my soul, burn my heart! It’s like mystery! Anyway anywhere I am by your side! You will change the music world! Make the things go right! Their beautiful voices are known in whole world They were Modern Talking’s Fantastical choir! They made for Blue System a greatest success They gave to the people a large happiness! Rolf, Micha and Detlef Write music, sing and make the sound Thomas writes texts! And this team turns world around!