To Catherine (LoFi)
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Топориков Михаил Александрович
TO CATHERINE Catherine, you touched my sleeping heart, You woke it up and made it beat the way it used to So many years ago... Catherine, I can't believe it's true, It seems to me I've known you, girl, for all my life, and I Will never let you go. ПРИПЕВ: Catherine, open up your heart, and let love in. Let love live inside not just tonight, But tonight and fore - ver. Catherine, let it be the start, not just a dream. Let things go right this beautiful night When we are together. Catherine, it's more than I deserve, - To hold you tightly in my arms and feel your heartbeat, To fly the whole night through... Catherine, if this was just a dream, I'd like to dream it on and on and never wake up, Until the dream comes true... ПРИПЕВ 10.03.2001 (C) 2001 Михаил А. Топориков