Don't Stop Tonight
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Music, text, vocals - Disco Fire. Arranged by Disco Fire
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Get The Power
DF Music
Adrenaline is in your heart, You’re waiting for a new race start. The crowd supports you, They can see You’re ready for the victory! Tonight you’re like a fireball! You hear the turbo engine call! You are the strongest! You’ll survive! The super bike will only fly! Refrain: Don’t stop tonight! Hold on the gas! Time’s on your side! You are the best! Just like the wind You are. Be free! The glory is Your destiny! (high voices) You are the winner in your soul! You keep the road under control! Just take the chance and catch the flame! Tonight you’ll win a crazy game! You see the finish not so far. Tonight you are the lucky star! The biker-king without a crown The hero just from round to round! You have the fire in your eyes! You feel just like in paradise! You’re flying faster then the clouds Nobody can defeat you now!