Atlas Of Cosmic Fords
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Sacred Spear Aftersounds (2001)
Wait for me, I am here again in your lives. I'm just here in your run-down souls. Sun of Valkyries and your mystic knife. In this desert I'm the water-hole. But just now the door to your souls is stiff. Can't you see, there are the hard rays? And my soul is only end-leaf In the secret Book of Space-ways. I'm the Atlas of all Cosmic-fords. My life is broken rest. But some day I'll take you to Gods, Who wracked this warmth in my chest. I am swimming today in the spray Of the Lake, that is full of your blood and tears. I will not decline my head all the way, Though I see horse-load of spears. But I know, that our fight Is able to destroy this clock-face... The Nightplanet is calling us with its light, With asteriated beams from deep Space.