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Trap (draft)
2:34 73 2 10 лет
Танцевальная поп-музыка
Trap! Oh these dreams in the night I got out of my bed on the wrong side Tripped over the cat So the day began and there was more Waiting in store before me But how did I know? I just swung the door shut My everyday life was back in my heart No light in the dark Maybe things that I did Years and years away Are a big mistake I was listening to the radio While I was going in a cab A thought was forming in my brain And then I suddenly was struck It's a trap! Far beyond in the sea There's a sail of a boat It's waving for me Singing for me For a great escape A plane will do, too Drop the keys to the water And shoot the moon To run away - I am not so crazy To change myself I am just too lazy The telephone is ringing Shouldn't I go and shut it up But instead I sit and listen And I give up and lift it up It's trap!