Rain of blood
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Для полноценности превью нашего творчества на реалмузик, начинаем закачку наших старых работ. Этот трек - сырой блэк без симфо.
Notes of Inhumanitas (2006)
All riders of the hell, raise your swords and fight! Rain of blood above the Earth, that's the work of ours That's armageddon. When the dragons rising from their hide beyond, Demons are awakening to find The One to serve. All the myths come back to reality The prophecy comes true The new millenium brings back All the laws and rules of the beasts All the life of the ones on the throne Is no more than a mask Armies under their control Have no chance against demon's mind We will reverse line of time, Ideas turn on their head Guards of hell will come to the ground Cause hell incarnated in here Blood of slaves of the gods That never existed before Will be poured over the states And this night will last evermore This eternal storm Comes to collect all the souls That can only refer to their god and their faith That can only crawl in their holes The humans' suffer, their happyness make me disgust all those fools Without any prompt we have to change everything We, the Ones, we - apostols of the apocalypse Will become the last stage, the one that will never be passed