Eщё один Новый Год
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Большой & Magic.
Ещё один год прошёл, а она его по прежнему ждёт.
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Что навеяло, то и вылилось.
Neylon box records
without a pops I'll grow to be her It's a wonder they don't understand kids today so when I pray, I pray I'll never grow to be that way And I hope that he answers me I heard God don't like ugly well take a look at my family A different father every weekend Before we get to meet him they break up before the week ends I'm gettin sick of all the friendships As soon as we kick it he done split and the whole shit ends quick How can I be a man if there's no role model? Strivin to save my soul I stay cold drinkin a forty bottle I'm so sorry... (Chorus) I'm so sorry for all this time (I'm so sorry) for all this time for all this time (don't lie) I'm so sorry for all this time (so, sorry) for all this time for all this time, so sorry baby! [Wycked] Moms had to entertain many men Didn't wanna do it but it's time to pay the rent again I'm gettin a bit older and I'm startin to be a bother Moms can't stand me cause I'm lookin like my father Should I stay or run away, tell me the answer Moms ignores me and avoids me like cancer Grow up rough and it's hard to understand stuff Moms was tough