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Ive met this chik at the railway station A bottle of beer was a good start for our relations First I thought she might be fucking picky Almost lost my gutts, desided to act sneaky Sneaky doesnt mean I was mean though I mean she wanted it too. And i bet she did, you know If the days almost dead, its heartbeat has abated, We need a defibrilator to defibrilate it So we set toward the train though we didnt have any tickets Fucking sat down on the seats in a carriage full of dickheads Bothered neither of us, you can leave it or take it: If you get horny you dont wanna things being fucking complicated If Im up doing smth I do it right away Then you can call your janitors to take the trash away you can call your janitors janitors on vehicles vehicles with janitors to take the trash away were on th train fucked up again by some faggot selling rubber balloons (balloons) we cant keep quiet on our seats in this smoky afternoon Its suffocating, Im feeling like Im a sort of looney tune Were riding riding riding riding riding to the moon Weve left our money far behind Behind this fucking train So hey, inspector, try to fine us Fine us if you can You can fine us if you can Go on and fine us if you can Hey, inspector, try to fine us Fine us if you can
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