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Homo Zombiens 2007
Sole system
Pain Deserting Us But Still We Remain in this Fading Garden. It’s time to Disappear the Pain As the Cold Breath of Time will Show Me the Way. There’s No Reason to Stay But it is so Deep and Dark and We Remain. Why are You Going There – You are “There” We’ll Go To You But Now We Remains in this Fading Garden. Do You Know why we stay in this Cold Place? Did you see the current of time Sweeping away with everything, Changing the contours, forms, and emptiness. Take one gazed stare into mirror emptiness, Take one step to a past moment. All Kings and rules are just grains of dust The World is only the cloud in the skies The black and white are just the same And all my words like the autumn air The white snowflake falling on the black ground Falling from and melting away The sun is set the melted to be harden And cold fluff falling again and again The sand’s falling inside hourglass The bird singing on spring tree The grains too small, the song is long The small stone balls are falling in turn The dust are whirling into the sunray But suddenly cloud hides the sun The rains are falling, the lightnings are flashing And wind from nowhere blows dust away.