Heaven road
5:12 61 1 9 лет
Альтернативный рок
кавер на песню Пилот - Дорога в рай
История создания
Написано на скучных лекциях под впечатлением от общения с американскими друзьями и от самой песни.
Two clammy words. Some flabby faces Are breathing to my nape. It's so quiet! But on a Tower It's six o'clock! Somebody has been born just. But there's no place to sit. All is "sold out" in the world! In the world, Where all you can do by yourself – to disappear! Here everyone can help you To sell your conscience! Believe me, laugh of stars will bring yourself by passing by your grey hair And those who knew, but haven't gone. They have slept on the Heaven Road! Collar of stray dogs is a symbol of lost home Where everybody waits for Wonder and again still finding the lost sense of the Word. Here…, there…, in the books…, In the dark forests…, with a fire. Crows hurries up to the shaman's tambourine, And we are singing: And I don't like ever all this world. Here all of my girl friends have borne babies, Here friends can't know again my face, Here everybody sets nets for goldfishes. Here on a tape my voice is alive again, Although I died in this world. I have found my home, but it is too faraway! And I have forgot my ordinal number.