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Between Two Evils
5:05 94 0 9 лет
Песенка про то, как суккуб соблазнил священника...
Between Two Evils She came to me with night, When stars are burning bright. A ghostly light embraced A beauty of Her face. She took my heartbeat With her eyes! My purity for pleasure cries. She gave me dark desire And doomed my soul to fire! On path to Him I owe- To crucify my love. My filings to obey - God’s low I must betray. Between two Evils What do I have to lose? Between two Evils Which one I have to choose? Embrace the darkness… Take it with open arms… She will follow you… Rise to the stars… To the stars… Her Dark temptation, His Holy cure. Hope for salvation Or abysses of Her lure? You can`t have it Can’t have it all It`s time for you to choose Or fall…