Your Turn To Die
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They rule the world And make us separated we stand infront their crowds shall we destroy it forever? to make them suffer for every soul they stole And a every life they broke Under contol of the kings and lords We cannot breathe we cant even exist You oppress us You make us maimed You make us weak But we'll never give up Why you have become so cheap? When you've lost your fucking conscience? Your morality decays Only thing you"re need is satiation Can you feel all my pain Can you see all that I've lost From your throne made of gold You can't see that you'r already burned I will take back All my losses, all my dreams you have devoured I will thrust a knife in your throat As you always did before bree bree Give back my life Now it's your turn to die I know I will be heard I feel your fear I know I will be heard No one can stop me one day you will be kneeled