Believe Me
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something, somewhere, somehow
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It’s so hard to keep in touch We would be together may be Our love would meet sunrise Giving hugs and things as such It means not much for me baby Costs nothing in my eyes No one wants to lie each other No one wants to be betrayed Love needs more than willing, don’t you understand I just want to know the meaning I just want to watch you’re dreaming Show you my direction, making love our friend Do you believe me? It’s not a catch Please let them go cause this world wants so much Do you believe me? It’s trust as well Don’t spend your love it’s not only for sell Our ships pass in the night Then you have to go I’m sorry I’m scared I’m running out I’m a coward! You are right Don’t be cross with me, don’t worry Don’t blame me make your bow Let me think we’ll make it better Let me feel myself ok Make your heart bit faster with me day by day I will take away my fear I will wash my face with a tear We won’t leave your hesitations on our way