Joy's tears
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Альтернативный рок
something, somewhere, somehow
Hold me tight; let me feel your flavor Close my eyes, don’t you see, I’m dead come on! And the only thing I’m asking What it’s like to be free??? Be my mind, me directing arrow, Show the way without crying fools go on! Just get ready to be melted By their frightful cruelty I turned to calm And then she called She strove for getting fucking go on You know all the stories You know don’t be worried Try to learn your fright is your hell Our nerves should be oaken Her faith won’t be broken It has to be our friend as well Do you feel any lewd desires? Cut them out they are sure to strike go on!! I will have to write the letter To the fearless trinity Let them try your heretic power Come to me be my very pleased come on Fading light is at times disgusted With their painful melody