fight and die
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Прогрессивный рок/Арт-рок
something, somewhere, somehow
You lost in me I lost in you In the dark of the night Through the mysterious mirror We reflect all the shadows Besides the shadow of love To feel within a dream The growing of the sun as it’s shown As it’s known Cause it’s mine Cause it’s yours To see that it’s remorse If you want to be mine You want to(3) Fight and die! Raise your sword no terror Watch their sights! This night will last forever Sick and tired, Of raising swords of fellows But fight and die! This night will last forever Fight and die Our world has gone The ice has flown Except that silly ice Which is in your pretty eyes We got used to be doomed At times we have to strike To struggle against the greed The evil of people’s dreams Of their fears Of their wills Of their deals They don’t seem to be real We don’t want them to try So we have to We have to We have to