Requiem to the darkness
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Космический фунерал дум с продолжением тем из фильма "Falling down".
State of Mind
You sell your soul For blind life in pain You die and live For nothing Big price that you pay For your error *from (1993)* Martin Prendergast: - Oh, guys like you always you don't know what you're gonna do until you do. I think you know exactly what you're going to do - you're going to kill you wife and child! William Foster: - No... Martin Prendergard: - Yeah! It will be too late to turn back, it will be easy to turn the gun around at yourself! *end of quotation* Traps and webs With ridiculous rules That you accept You always have a choice Just look closer *from (1993)* William Foster: - I'm the bad guy? Martin Prendergard: - Yeah... William Foster: - Huh... How did that happen? I did everything they told me to. Did you know I build missiles? Martin Prendergard: - Yeah... William Foster: - I help to protect America? You should be rewarded for that, but they give to the plastic surgeon and they lie to me. *end of quotation* They lie to me I reject Lie they want me to beleive Life they wanted me to have I am my soul And no one can dictate me Because I am my soul *from (1993)* Martin Prendergard: - And that is what is about you're angry - because you got lied to? Hey, they lie to everybody, they lie to the fish. But that doesn't give you any special right to do what you did today. *end of quotation*