Inside My Fantasies
4:37 1 824 14 9 лет
Танцевальная поп-музыка
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Vocal by Elen Cora, Lyrics By Andrew Mosckalev, Music by Olegris
Диско-сингл моей землячки Elen Cora - Inside My Fantasies, наш первый опыт совместной работы.
Number One
Energy Level Iventi
Lyrics by Andrew Mosckalev (Sankt-Petersburg, Russia) Автор стихов Андрей Москалёв (г.Санкт-Петербург) Inside My Fantasies ..... Welcome to my Wonderland. Be my guest with no confusion. We have so much time to spend And it’s not a sweet illusion. Please, don’t get me wrong. So, Look at me my friend, give me the answer. ..... Refrain: What are you looking for inside my fantasies? What is the secret? When will you let me see? If I don’t know the truth, How will I keep it? Whatever you have heard, Whatever you have seen. It’s such a perfect world I want you to get in. ..... Someday you will realize That my love is your salvation. You can’t take it otherwise Such a mystical creation. Is this feeling real, or Is it just a case for Doctor House? ..... What are you looking for… (repeat refrain) ..... I hear the sound of your voice in my soul. So, will you stay, will you go – I don’t know. ..... What are you looking for… (repeat refrain)