Letter-Melody (I'll Never Say Goodbye) - поет Dani
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муз. и сл. - Дмитрий Чистяков
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Ref.1 Listen to the wind - remember me... Tell me what you've heard, Tell me what you've seen, When you recall my melody And when your sweetest déjà vu Opens up your mind You will keep silent, dear, but you Will never say goodbye... 1 In the distant past fortune carried me To a land where sadness was no more I thought this joy is an impossible dream And that wonderful life won't over There, A dazzling dome of heavenly sunrise Lit us up with its magical lights, But (then) the silent dust of countless stars Cloaked the summer in freezing nights. ... Nobody knows if I'll find my way I'm under the veil of night Poetic lines from a silent sky The wind will sing to you again Oh, letter-melody, away you fly! Lord give me strength! Across time A sigh of wind from that soundless abyss Brings just the echo - Goodbye! I live and sleep with the pain While I try to wait While endless love still burns so bright I hope some day a ray of light At the end of night Will fight its way through (the) gloom And I will never say goodbye! Ref3. (Im sure that) You'll remember me On hearing (a) melody And though that paradise of love Is past and heaven's light was lost On (a) forgotten coast Oh, may you hear my song where I Will never say goodbye I will never say goodbye I'll never say goodbye