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Loving is Flying
4:37 83 0 9 лет
Музыка для медитации/релаксации
легкая медитативная песня
Музыка. Гончаренко С., Авдеева Слова. Авдеева В. Love is flying Without a sign, without a word, Just lost and found in the sweet accord With the silence divine, In mysterious ever, Feeling no pace of time, Falling high into heaven. With no attraction, With no direction, You and me. Chorus For love is flying So high. We’re loving – we’re flying. Just you and I So high. We’re loving – we’re flying. Love keeps you safe, Love gives you life. It makes you fly. Love gives you wings And takes you to the sky, Away the tears, away the fears, One step from heaven to abyss. Give no chance to regrets, They will lead you to never. Neither wait for amends, Love’s a gift of the heaven. No contemplation, No complication Live and love. For love just is, You flow with it And never quit, so fill your heart with love to make your life complete.