Hustlers In The Night
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Eryx, BFG, Double A
Hustlers In The Night
Da Nest Production
[ Verse 1 - BFG] I’ve seen many bitchy-ass punks in my life But all of them shit in their pants at the sight of a kitchen knife Creepin’ out of their holes, throwin’ nasty looks They make up crowds, stampin’ ground wit their Nazi boots I spit on these fuckaz, they’re chicken-ass wankstaz I can freak ‘em out easy wit a couple of big-bangaz You wanna know where to find real dangerous niggaz? Take a walk to my block and try to mess wit us You like to play GTA, I’ll put it to practice You’ve got a role of a victim, are you ready to act this? I hear click-clack of your gun, you betta do your best In a sec I see the world thru the holes in your chest [ Chorus - Eryx] Lyin’ in a pool of blood Forgotten by the Devil and the God Turnin’ glassy eyes to the sky Feelin’ the hate in the eyes of the passer-bys You never know when it’s time to die You try it on - the Colombian tie Or to get stoned and fly too high Maybe tonight they say good-bye to the bad guy [Why… why… why…] [ Verse 2 ] I’m rollin’ low down the street in my Chevy Camaro The road’s mine like Seville for Javi Navarro When night falls on the city pimpin’s doin’ fine Sidewalks are packed wit bitches, their asses put in a line Street racers roamin’ the blocks in search of adventure I see you flashin’, you go cashless at the end of the venture Once we handle some tough deal, comes familiar sound Ghostface Snake pulled the trigga – no compromises found Second round: I’m doin’ my knux-talk wit another scumbag When talkin’s over he carries his teeth in snotrag Before messin’ wit us think twice, you betta go play dice Otherwise today will be your last way, choose your way, niggah [ Chorus - Eryx ] [ Verse 3 – BFG ] All that junkie crusaders pushin’ crack in my hood Sellin’ shit to my homies turnin’ ‘em in zombie-like dudes Shootin’ season is open, I start huntin’ fuckaz down I shoot ‘em, they shoot the chocolate smearin’ curbs in red and brown Police, S.W.A.T., FBI dream of gettin’ me busted But I fled away, their alarm-clock got too rusted Like Kane and Lynch we’ve got nothin’ to loose If it’s war wit us that you want to choose, no confuse You’ll be done and dead like……….roasted goose [ Chorus - Eryx ] [ Chorus - BFG ] [Verse 4 – Eryx] What? You wanna feel the power of a dollar? In case your favorite flava is the smell of a green color North-West homeboys, yo, you feel the depth of my voice? Yeah, that's right, girls and boys, I am fucked up tonight. You see, it's shameful, but I make it right With my tracks and my gatz, it's all gonna be alright I'm pushing my own bar up tonight, to make you feel the might of a double-barrel gunfight. When you see the shadow in the night You just know you are up for a fight You fuck with us, you try to screw us, not advised Or you get shot like Obie Trice. That’s right…