Женя Luna feat. JayJee- In the Jungle
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Luna, JayJee, Marq Markuz
In the jungle You luv your dust You lust for lass You live by only your desire A daddy`s house Get parties up Mister “famous” make your fire! They`re seek the fame Their brave is fake Wearing “glamour” masks on their face Chorus: jungle...you`re beast of prey in jungle you wanna have the best things hey, people in the jungle starlights, dream of a place on the moon club, drugs, lie, money, races no freedom, just dependance So, spend your cash Don`t hide this blush Go, do that oooooh An` waste your time On trifles, guy But don`t forget that you sold ya soul A world of fights We need da sights To help our spolit essence die J`aimaient toujours des gens Qu`etaient ouvert Ils ne voulaient pas rien Excepte la liberte Don`t think your hapinesse`s unbelievable Reach out your hand an` trust to the destiny