Farewell Forever
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The Ocean (Demo-EP)
Metallurgia Records
FAREWELL FOREVER (Music by Shamonov; Lyrics by Shamonov) All life is maze We're all who roam through it Don't look but gaze Wandering the labyrinth Subconscious trails Are so invisible Your ignorance May break out your life's wheel WHHHAAATTT? What tells your soul Be leaden by your fate? You've lost control Where is your Ariadhna's Thread You killed yourself, You have crossed red line of the Law, You're not the man at all You are the humans' foe Chorus: Farewell forever! Don't scream to your heaven. Angels will not hear you. You're the doused one Into swamp of sinners. Can not breath the air, Slowly dousing into, You pay for you've done. Farewell Forever! No need to life No need to fight for sun No need to love No need to anyone Just live in calm and roaming Day by day, night by night = DAY BY DAY, NIGHT BY NIGHT Douse itno the gloom, And talk with shade at side Chorus. Solitude, Suicide Man's decision wrapped in blood Solitude, End of fight Tragedy of all your life Chorus: (FO)REVER!