The star of SUN (REMIX)
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Author - Victor Tsoy
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L'Ortie Violette
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(Translation from Russian) White snow, gray ice, On the cracked earth. Blanket scrappy on it - The city in a road loop. And over the city clouds float, Closing heavenly light. And over the city - a yellow smoke, To the city two thousand years, Lived under light of the Star By the name of the Sun... And two thousand years - war, War without the special reasons. War - business for young, Medicine against wrinkles. Red, red blood - In an hour already simply earth, Through two hours - flowers on it and a grass, Through three hours - this is again live Also it is warmed by Star beams By the name of the Sun... And we know that so was always, That Destiny we love more Who lives under another laws And to whom to die the young. He doesn't remember the word "yes" and the word "no", He doesn't remember neither ranks, nor names. Also it is capable to reach stars, Without considering that it is a dream, And to fall, scorched by the Star By the name of the Sun...