Fragile existence(new)
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Навороченная композиция. Как в плане музыки, так и в плане текста. Пример движения в сторону progerssive death...
Disgusting greatness of people
Human Records
Fragile existence. He’s spitting on lives and deaths He’s living for thousands years Hope is fool, hate for war, life for death Prison for soul, faith no more, God is dead Medical excuse of our death is not true Spiritual rotting of a grand, is cause Victim of the human absence Immortaly dead Finding simple way to access Find it good or bad Fight for freedom not representing What is this Maybe life or maybe death Apocalyptic crisis There is a beast instinct moving round and round There is a human nature for the unfound Life, death, life, death, slaughtered laughed From unholy grave Things that you may think about you forgot to save Using only material made of perfect lives You forgot a simple thing called suicide Machine of a man expression can’t wait for your truth They want only possession, possession by you You have right to choose To live or to die You will win or you will lose What answer will you find? I was many times in past But now it’s the last Crowd is going down to the zero And mould is preparing to crown new time hero Fragile existence is like we can’t break Internal resistance is what we can’t fake