The Comet
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История создания
Восьмой (кажется) вариант аранжировки - и, видимо, окончательный.
The Book of Shattered Bounds
That awesome year was signed With a comet revelation For long the pale eye Watched ev'ry dusk and dawn And several mighty kings With not a shred of mercy For their unhappy folks Raised their men to war For each one had a dream About the universal power And how someone pale-eyed Granted it to them Meanwhile from the north Plague appeared crawling And death with its own scythe Crushed, thrashed, torn The Life But even dying men With their arms coming weaker Were tryin' to destroy All those they knew as foes And then colossal rains During more than forty days Drew it all away For new Life was to come That murky year was signed With the comet revelation What was it source of evil None shall ever know