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The Book of Shattered Bounds
Towards the new-night wave there flows A pair of air-craft wings' side lights The phone receiver's agonizing on the floor A pointillistic dark clot in a volume canvas I look and find I'm frozen within time In a single moment with its scenery That's imprinted in my counsciousness, to be Drained off next moment... In a second, but not now And as I'm walking through the streets Both I and ev'ryone around Feel only our covering, while The thoughts dwell far away But to this lonely crowd descents Cloaked with grey-blue twilight grace A wolf-souled one. Instead of sword Or gun he brings decay... The Greater Shadow seeks for me... The shadow seeks... It's felt like an old scar of unsuffered wound Old memories begin to ache so hard Besides all dates, they're suddenly revived By a vague resemblance of the visions, smells, and sounds Whatever makes me joy or mourn and cry All movements that destroy my calm standstill - My yearning's nailed to my own lesser shadow And lasts forever like the earth and sky... Awareness of our frailty It is injected into us too early Again, despite the churchmen statements It'll ne'er bring vigour into a human's life. Still, there's no fate men able to know, No sound of tucking clock they hear My term is pouring off but there remains My term is pouring off but there remains Some time for me to look around. Some time...