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I Can Fly
3:59 224 0 9 лет
Running carelessly Into the land of dreams Finding there Anything you can please All of these beautiful lands Over the sea and into the deep blue sky I can run now I can fly I don’t know which direction to choose I can fly now anywhere It’s all so exciting And I love all the people out there I don’t care about searching Don’t want the things I haven’t got I just want to fly, feel it forever Maybe feel myself a little god... But I hear the words around me You can’t fly, cause nobody can do There’s no wings, just two weak hands Oh, look at you! And I feel that I’m falling Falling deeper and deeper The rocks Meet me now Now I’m yours!.. And I fell on the ground And you pointed at me and you laughed And so sour was the taste Of the blood in my mouth And I went with my head down To the place where nobody can see What humiliation and pain Made of me All in the blood I was lying there alone Crying and begging for mercy But no scream was heard, no Days by days Nights by nights Dieing with a deep pain in my eyes Tears burning my eyes But one day somebody opens the windows And the fresh air fills my lungs Oh, I can feel it I can smell the spring I can ride the wind, I can rise I can rise from my knees And I open my eyes And I don’t care anymore I shake off the dust from my wings And I run through the door And I feel like something pulls me up, Higher and higher up And it happens again I can fly, I can fly And there’s no sorrow, No lies, no shots, no pain, no fucking shame No humiliation, no despair, no tears, no screams It’s only flying In to the deep blue sky I raise my hands and I fly I can fly.. Written by MelerySad