Underground inhabitants
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Александр Пермяков
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Александр Пермяков
Breath of Death
Dawn of the dead
Кольцо Фро
I hear a shout, a crunch of bones, A ball of shadows, someone's howl, A flock of birds, whirl in dance, Wait for food, children of the hell, You are in darkness, the eyes are blind, There is no light, only dreams, Your time has come, Night goes up to you. 1. I heard many histories about the underground world, About beings living in it, about their cruelty, Many were there, but not many returned back home, Those who returned from there, got nightmares and they went mad, I often hear someone's howl at night, it comes from the cemetery, Thoughts start to be confused and the nervous trembling begins, I often think of, those who live under the ground, who they are, What for they went down there, but I do not find the answer. 2. The father told me that there was a damnation, The inhabitants of the village worshipped to dark forces, And the god punished them, deprived them of sight, And they had to go under ground to live in darkness, But sometimes they come back, when night comes, they want revenge, Their entreaty reminds the growl of a wild animal, They suffer for the sins and ask the god to forgive them, But the god does not answer their requests and they leave. 3. They will never see the sunlight and greens of woods again, Only the smell of decay and decomposition, Only pain and despair, and a terrible damnation, They destroyed their life, they cannot even die, And they will exist in the gloomy dungeons for ever, Frighten people with night howl, vile shape and fetidity, They are expelled from an earthly paradise for ever, The hell will not release the children of darkness.