Darkness will find you (ft.Breath of Death)
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Автор музыки
Александр Пермяков
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Александр Пермяков
Breath of Death
Dawn of the dead
Кольцо Фро
Fight of shadows, shouts of people, Darkness or light, life or death, Talisman will help you, But you should trust in it, Children of darkness, they do not sleep, Darkness will find you. 1. You search for pain and do not trust in love, You are surrounded with lie, You should find belief and your spirit will revive, Light will win darkness in your soul, But you do not forget about the dark side, Shadows watch you and wait, Wait, when you will make a mistake And sell your soul. 2. Look the fear in eyes and repulse your nightmares, And they will recede and will leave, Light will be on your side and will help you with your fight, The fight against the dark side, Dark forces search weak, seize their reason and soul, Destroy their world and kill, They are everywhere, track down and wait for a victim, To exhaust the vital force. 3. Your thoughts are pure and noble, you search, but cannot find, To find your place in this world, And while you are in search, dark forces do not sleep, They will be close to you in this world, Shadows will try to take you away to a hell, You should repulse the dark forces, To protect the soul, your dreams and hopes, Not to lose a human face.