Sand-glass (ft.Breath of Death)
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Автор музыки
Александр Пермяков
Автор текста
Александр Пермяков
Breath of Death
Dawn of the dead
Кольцо Фро
Sand-glass, sand-glass, sand-glass, Children of a sunlight, Sand-glass, sand-glass, sand-glass, Will waken memoirs, Sand-glass, sand-glass, sand-glass, Measure time of our life, Sand-glass, sand-glass, sand-glass, Up to the end with us. 1. All of us are captured by the time, We cannot stop the time, Our life’s only the beginning of our way, Look back back, and you will see... The life is rapid and full of a pain, But the pain gives us vital force, Makes us move forward, And we go. 2. We live in a cruel world, It is necessary to keep belief, And to remain people, Without belief... Death, without light... Night. Time is endless, There’s no end and no beginning, Do not try to stop time, Time will kill you. 3. I wished to escape, But something holds me, My days pass away like sand through fingers, I am tired, I surrender, My time comes to an end, I feel approaching of death, My hour has come, Time to leave.