I have buried love (ft.Breath of Death)
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Александр Пермяков
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Александр Пермяков
Breath of Death
Dawn of the dead
Кольцо Фро
You are dead, you do not hear me, You are beautiful as always, grave-diggers waiting, The last way, I have buried my love. 1. What for have I met you, I live as in a hell, You have destroyed my world, I have lost rest, I run away, Away from myself, Away from your madness, But you chase me, You come in to my dreams. 2. The gloom has absorbed you, Together with your black soul, You are so good, when you are dead, But I was mistaken, You have returned for me, You have found me, You want an awful revenge, Even the hell will not stop you. 3. I asked for mercy, But you did not listen to me, Your eyes are full of anger, You laughed at me, I loved you before, But the love has died once, Black rose on your tomb, It reminds me of you.