Woodoo (ft.Breath of Death)
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Автор музыки
Александр Пермяков
Автор текста
Александр Пермяков
Breath of Death
Dawn of the dead
Кольцо Фро
The death has come, you have not died, You are alive, woodoo. The woodoo ceremony is a lasting life, The woodoo ceremony is a game in the God, The woodoo ceremony is not a life, but a damnation, The woodoo ceremony is the end of your life. 1. I hear the shout of birds, Terrible howl of jackals, Jungle will reveal secret of the eternal life, Frightening sight of a priest, Will often come in dreams, Will pursue and kill you. 2. Sacrifice has begun, The knock of drums is getting louder, The soul will become the master’s slave, The left body will die, Slowly and painfully, Your spirit will suffer and search for rescue. 3. Who a you ? You are Zombie ! Darkness in your heart, You can’t destroy damnation and return your soul, You are a lonely dead man, Your destiny... Death, Priest has finished his ritual dance of death.