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Илья Лощинин, Иван Литвинов
Вопрос к самому себе - почему ты смотришь в небо вместо того, чтобы смотреть под ноги?
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Verse1: ------------ Come across that river man To see what are you loaded with He said to himself Sitting Under The light of his tv and it seems to be His everyday Little Tiny Push Outside the giant structures Of his consumer and society needs But then He takes his remote Control And switches to the other show Chorus: ------------ See god All around Why can't we stand Barefeet upon the ground Dreaming of eternal life Progressing rapidly towards the loopback Why can't we stand barefeet upon the ground? Verse1: ------------ Then he switches again And again And then once more oh it's time to sleep now Tomorrow there's another day And the future is waiting for me He thoughts to himself And closes his eyes A strange Dream visits him He sees a man He asks him who are you And the man replies I'm the only One who is waiting for you Chorus: ------------