Flesh Enslaved
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The Experiment
Part I: Reality “Flesh enslaved pharos, bright yet freezing mirror of beatific scenery… The witness in grief of misanthropic humanity of anger and despair. For there’s no taste in absurd beyond the sensible view.” Among the midnight lights of defaced metal, Across the distinct frontiers of diaphanous reality I stream, the gospel. Charm, sarcastic and deeply rotten, they radiate… Yet flesh is their gist, while mine is the damned burden. They spoil my mind with loathe to the only presence of the hint at desire… My strength will always glare fright thus not to withstand! Fixed eyes, hard skin follow their way Up to the stars of warm light – To oblivion… Part II: Oblivion “On the pathways of crystal mind, Through the silvery veins of majestic night To the universe of reckless dreams… An oblivion ride.” No mere words to name This metamorphosis game – Idealistic paroxysm again and again… Naive innate lust was devised to be suppressed. In the pure form cultivated, figures blessed To be perforated through by worms euphoric toil, So as in filth to beautify the earthdead soil. Call my name and observe the thrusting silence. Iridescent torrent of the astral cliffs obscured… Hence my misshaped soul is now locked. Die, connections remained. Lies, your taint. Electric gunpowder in atomic pile air… Gestures torn asunder now, no one care. The world cored sphere delirious dream Grand Requiem played on factory iron violin… Hollow mind, hopes abandoned… Despair. Part III: Absence “Cosmic flock of nails, indifference dye on brain… Yell in doleful calm for ever – never coming, never growing grain. Ritual dance of flesh dispirited over vain quest. Heartbeat rhythm incarnate ridden by long idle being.” Sculptural stupor of neurons left nerves… Psychiatric nonsense of life axioms in rows. Exhausted principles in worn skin – Stare conceptually unseeing… Mankind, development dead end, In flight upwards delusional brand – The one to heal, the one to lead The very one to finally beat.