A-Way To Desperate Hysteria
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The Experiment
Men-wasted corridors of senseless joy – Through this tyrannical thirst for light… Disgusting semi-faces, guises that cloy, Teasing perception – for what am I? Demonic pressure on lofty matters enslaved psychotic made mind… Exquisite bloodred rose enchained in ever-laughing aimed to bind Anguished thorns… Monotonous glass-eyed journey through pitiful sardonic non-living mass – As a white swan in a lake of petroleum proclaimed to be the last. A misty shade in the fog from the scratched firmament… My dream dissolving, enforced? Sith thou engraved thy god-blessed laws, Watch mine at my claws! As a heartless asp against prima facie defenseless white, My throne superior because of its essence – For thee not to grasp, but to accept yet unconscious – I do possess thy hopes and reveries bright. The scene stares at me in fear and wonder, And I am endlessly exiled and betrayed. Desperate hysteria profounder Is now and every other moment! Desperation… Away! Kosmos is my Khaos, thus chaotic am I! Light wind fearful streams – sadistic pleasure inside… Planet cut to fragments, deadly covered with snow, Lies on me as leaves, as words unknown… I drown in my inner world, Breathing feelings narcotic mixture, We tend to the worldwide war, For we’re burdened by our will!