The Higher Law
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The Experiment
Don’t be sad when you feel like dead, For a naked dread hammering you red Be mad. Force delight with the joys denied In the veils of the night and a whip’s spite. Coward – deride. Lips are wide open... Open the beloved gates. Your chamber’s deep – profound... How? Roughly bent and thrice wound Fulfill the crying sound! Now! Proprietor of your dreams, legitimate the only... My angel! In this fetor I am glimpse, forbidden but so holy... Laws jell. “Let off steam, my darling! My blessing is your sore. For I am just the higher law... Obey!” Nailed hard to prejudice larded with false ward... Deceitful morale! Ethereal cuffs against the ever real effete... Defy the forsworn! Decisively defeat! “In a strict observance of rituals the ego is lost, Thus I proclaim the ritual brand new.” Legions of hollow, Pass through aeons of burning fear! Since none of you to follow, Prepare for discipline. Quick march! “In a strict observance of rituals the ego is lost, Thus follow me.” “In a new world, Beneath the clear skies... I stand, I rule – The God…”