The World Is Unhappy
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The World Is Unhappy (Single)
I dreamed I was a little child I was so glad and sun was bright But all I had was not enough I walked away down a narrow path Got on the train cause felt a need Somewhere to go to, someone to meet But when arrived, I was alone Nobody came I lost my home The way was long, the train was gone To where I'm from and where's the sun A gloomy sky above my head The world's unhappy... In other dream I used to see I loose my friends so close to me They look so sad, they say goodbye And leave my life for heavens high I'm weeping loud, I call their names But they don't hear and go away The bloody dawn forebodes the end Of world unhappy... I was afraid cause always knew My cruel dreams someday come true There's nothing that can cure the pain From anxious thoughts of fevered brain I'm walking out of poky room I look upwards and see my doom A gloomy sky above my head The world's unhappy…