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Музыка - Тимофей Минеев; вокал - Ирина Марчук, Владимир Семенищев; текст - Павел Терентьев
Из альбома Between Heaven and Earth (2009) Вокал - Ирина Марчук, Владимир Семенищев www.realmxmusic.com См. другие проекты Realm Ex Music: Rose in Chaos, Realm Ex, Аудиокино
Between Heaven and Earth
Realm Ex Music
I understand you without words And know things, that I have seen It doesn’t mean that something’s wrong, It doesn’t mean I can’t repeat. Those days have gone – We’re not so young, And all reflections on the wall We can’t return, the time has come To live as lives ago… That memories live in me And I’m still waiting for some marvel! To the edge of the life Following after light Of that come-back days. I’m standing so happy as fool, And I’m so wasted as fading flowers. Emptiness of the sky On the wings of the night Is so real and cruel. From beyond they rise in me They’re full of colors and smells Of long ago, but what should I think? And why does it hurt like hell? I wait for answer to my strange And empty question of the being, I want to ask, if it’s not dream, If all these things have happened to me.