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Музыка - Тимофей Минеев; вокал - Дмитрий Соснов, Владимир Семенищев; текст - Павел Терентьев
Из альбома Between Heaven and Earth (2009) Вокал - Владимир Семенищев, Дмитрий Соснов www.realmxmusic.com См. другие проекты Realm Ex Music: Rose in Chaos, Realm Ex, Аудиокино
Between Heaven and Earth
Realm Ex Music
Through centuries, epochs and years we have lived So deep are the imprints but hardly we breathe When cast exclamations in eternity Trying to speak of miracles seen What will you do with your cherished freedom? What will be there after you’re left? Ere sunrise everything seems so clear Awaiting for Phoebus appearance in flames Stars’re getting pale, it looks like as if The past and the future is relived again There is only Now and nothing else left But so much it takes myself to remain The bets were made, the cards were dealt You come to the stage to play a new role Openly voiced, all masks have been dropped But no one can see, where is your real soul