Over Time
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Одна из песен с сингла Elen Cora - This Love в стиле диско 80-х. Vocal by Elen Cora, lyrics by Andrew Moscalev, music & arrangement by Olegris
This Love (Is More Than A Feeling)
Lyrics by Andrew Mosckalev (Sankt-Petersburg, Russia) Автор стихов Андрей Москалёв (г.Санкт-Петербург) Over Time .......... From the start Life seems to be so hard To comprehend. Don’t give up. There is no need to stop. It’s not the end. (It’s not the end, you’ll see) How do you feel when all the things keep going out of your control? Don’t let the fear of loneliness begin to burn inside your soul. .......... Refrain: Let it go out through the hurt and the pain. Everything will take its course once again. Black line will change to the white one – I know. Be what you are. It’s the way That you need to go Over time. .......... Everywhere There’s so much to beware. Don’t close your eyes. Every step May lead you to the trap Of soothing lies. (Of soothing lies, I know) Do you believe in destiny and something in the sky above? Someday the things you hate the most will turn to ones you’re gonna love. Refrain ..........