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Рыбаков Евгений, Евгений Вершинин, Даниил Ковалев
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Текст посвящен девочке, которую скинули с моста, девочке было всего 16 лет.
I Can Resist Everything Except Temptation
1.Memories -----Предисловие----------------------------- D: Wake up! K: Someone somewhere is dying... D: This feeling inside! Feeling inside K: My mind... -----Припев---------------------------------- D: Perhaps I too Should die like you! K: Let's dance with death On the egde of the night!.. D: Hey, bloodest sky! There is my blood on the altar! K: But I can't change it Please come back to me!.. -----1--------------------------------------- D: I need to find an answer To the question "Who's to blame" K: Why I see blood On your hands, my God? D: Noise in my head! Such voices sad! K: Look from inside, Angels are cry! One soul will no come back tonight! -----Предисловие------------------------------ -----Припев----------------------------------- -----2---------------------------------------- D: Why am I so weak What I am sick? K: Simple vision of horror and fear So slowly I am dissapeared! D: I lost control I do not need it all! K: Anybody! Anybody! Help me!!! -----3---------------------------------------- D: Quietness! Immobilized! The thirst for revenge K: I cannot move! I cannot scream! D: Death! Death! Death! Death! Death! Death! K: It's impossible! False! False! Take me away with you!