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I Can Resist Everything Except Temptation
3.Angry 1-------------------------------------------- D: Suffer and bleed When I'm completly empty And I cannot explane my angry! K: Stupid vision of dissimulation In my unforgivable soul! D: Rise! You see I am enter in darkness To find the map of my mind! K: Open your eyes! But I cannot find! too many places! 2-------------------------------------------- D: Cage around me, Scream inside! Prostrated kind of humanly race Who will never forget own sorrow Who will look at space and K: Cry with egoism Cry like kids And suffer and bleeds When we all completly empty Who can explane this fucking angry! 3-------------------------------------------- D: All of people sick! Inside you freak! Don't be afraid! It's your sin! So take it! K: If you lose you mind Die or fight! If you lose your soul Let me control it all! 4-------------------------------------------- D: Listen to me Little brain in smallest head! Shut up this pain! If you can so let me forget! K: Brake all ambition! Brake all religion! Brake illusion and dance! Dance! Fuck you all! I'm realy empty And I can't stop this fucking angry!..