Conversations with a broken mind
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Jon Grimm
Dark Continent
Grimm Nation
I always looked at life Adding in the pain and strophe From a bystanders point of view Never in the light I wanted many things dog I could have gotten But psychology and physiology made me forgotten A ghost to the world A ghost to the light Only the darkness and the rage fills my heart at night How would you feel dog If your world was ripped twice If you looked like one of the motherfuckers from the hills have eyes If you’re whole existence was composed of lies When you write a love letter you get no replies Look in my eyes dog I aunt no gangster But your portraits make me out to be the basted Child of society A figment of reality A terrified exhibit That’s exploited properly Not only did they destroy my self-esteem They made me madder Then the bombings out in eleven Your presumptions and assumptions made me who I am A pistol packing drug dealer with no sense of shame Come to think of it dog, there’s no one to blame When you look at it man It sounds insane But I live with the pain Try to keep an open brain Got a little piece of land To which I can lay claim But the deep laired pain creeps up through my veins Driving me certifiably insane Wondering when this hate will dissipate Wondering why life has chosen me this fate All I do is sit back and contemplate Will I have a wife? Love Or a stable life Or am I condemned to the darkness for life Do they really think that I’m the killer lurking in the night? Do they really wanna, re-write my life Is this the reason why females avoid my sight? My future dog It aint bright Tell me the truth what would you think of life If you know the guy that’s fucking the girl you want to make your wife Would it make you colder? Or would it help you sleep at night Or would it bring your murderous tendencies out to life Would your blood lust Overcome your fright Would you become a killer? Overnight Or would it help you walk a plain of higher sight It’s crazy having a conversation with a broken mind Jon Grimm is really my darker side A skitsofranic lyrical assassin Who isn’t afraid to die? Isn’t afraid to try Sent afraid glide Quietly behind you and snatch your life With violence and hostility by my side My two closest friends They will never let me die Feeding me the energy I need to stay alive Teach me how to utilize this game to make a dime That’s all I wanna do dog.... make a dime.... you know Because I wanna be Cruising through the villas In the European hills Trying to hire a couple of killers To come back and be drug dealers In a nine eleven with the chrome wills Ye That’s where I woman be