"The Long Walk"
4:20 33 0 9 лет
Fluctuations of consciousness (2009)
"The Long Walk" Presence effect takes the place of their race And their disgrace That can lay at terrain, covered by their will It becomes a fair, just without Way to disappear, way to change its end Everybody feels they will never stand Walking through despair and their pain, loss of merit and sustain, rearranged Legs is getting lead, time is going out Is it sad? Burning loud If you fall apart, breaking down alone You think race will stop… will but not for you Thirsty and hungry, walk through countless deaths Maybe you’ll be free, but price is other’s breathe Living tomorrow, streaming to finish line Inside you’re hollow, without grace and shine Gaze at forward backs, try to reach them out Foundation lacks, common shout If you fall apart, breaking down alone